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Summarized Code of Practice 

WCU aims in quality delivery of education. It promotes its Programs through ethical marketing and controls over the modes of marketing and delivery.

WCU provides adequate information about courses in which an existing or perspective student shows interest and asks queries about.

Registrations in WCU Programs are open all the time and students can start their education anytime in the year.

Assessments for award of degree are done in multiple ways. Students can apply for regular examinations, informal evaluation through research and thesis, or for recognition of prior learning (Life Experience Credits). Credits are awarded only after proper evaluation and only deserving candidates are awarded with graduations.

Quality in delivery and knowledge of graduates comes at the highest priority for WCU.

Code of Practice of West Coast University - Panama

  1. MARKETING: West Coast University will market their educational products with integrity, accuracy and professionalism. All promotional literature and marketing materials published by or on behalf of WCU in whatever form, will be truthful, accurate and unambiguous. Before information about an individual is used in any marketing that individual must have provided written permission to WCU. Advertisements will identify every product/course separately from the recognized by any accreditation agency or without recognized status. The names of study materials, qualifications or accredited courses used in advertising materials will be consisted with the names and/or titles recognized by the concerned accreditation agency.
    • Marketing or promotional literature and general media advertising will not encourage unrealistic expectations about the level of qualifications attainable and the facilities and equipment provided; or
    • Make claim to approval or recognition that is inaccurate or use misleading or false comparisons of courses with others provided by competitors; or
    • Make misleading statements concerning the qualifications or experience of staff; or
    • Make misleading or false statements about the prospects of employment following the course.
  2. COURSE INFORMATION: WCU will provide sufficient and accurate information to course students that set out the detail of the total costs/fees to course participants and the objectives, assessment procedures and outcomes to be achieved by the students of the course. Information that is provided by WCU to the students of the course about our courses will include the following:
    • A description of the course and its content;
    • All tuition fees payable to WCU in connection with the course and any other fees required;
    • Details of the basic assessment for the course;
    • A description of the credential or statement of achievement to be given on completion of the course.
    • A statement as to whether the course is recognized by industry or professional organizations.
    • A description of course participant support services including counseling and welfare facilities
    • Any pre-course requisites.
  3. REGISTRATION: Registration of the students for the course will be conducted at all times in an ethical and responsible manner. Registration decisions will rest on assessment by institutions of the extent to which the stated outcomes of the course are likely to be achieved by the applicant given his/her qualifications, proficiencies and aspirations. WCU will provide documentation to prospective students of the course, which discloses in full all of the contractual arrangements between WCU and the students of the course. This documentation will be written in clear, concise, plain English that avoids vague and ambiguous clauses. WCU will make available, in writing, all information concerning fees and charges to course participants and the refund policy prior to their completion of any enrolment agreement or contract.
  4. DELIVERY: Students of Course will be advised of the most applicable form of delivery for each course. Apart from distance education or flexible delivery methodology, In cases there is in a group-training situation, it will be conducted in a facility large enough to accommodate the maximum number of course participants with adequate room to conduct the practical examination portions of the class following each unit, with individual seating/desk/bench top availability. Locations may vary according to arrangements made by the affiliated centres with participants where appropriate.
  5. ASSESSMENT: WCU undertakes to provide assessment of the courses in accordance with the international principles of assessment (e.g. Valid, reliable, flexible and fair). Credits and Exemptions for previous study and knowledge will be provided which acknowledges knowledge obtained through
    • Formal Education/ Courses (conducted by training or educational institutions)
    • Informal Education / Professional experience, and
    • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  6. APPEAL MECHANISMS: Should the need arise, WCU will ensure that the students have a fair mechanism for appealing disputed assessment decisions. Independent sources of mediation are available, such as the representatives of the IARC and GES. WCU encourages - and in need will assist - students to achieve satisfactory resolution of such disputed decisions.
  7. WELFARE AND GUIDANCE SERVICES: WCU aims to ensure that every student gains the maximum benefit from participating in a particular course or program. Management practices are implemented that safeguard the interest and welfare of the students in all education and assessment situations. These are supported by the provision of personal assistance by the Academic Registrar and by the International Faculty Members. WCU provides access to qualified counselors/supervisors if required.
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